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Is it safe to purchase YouTube likes?
It’s very safe to buy likes from because they send real accounts over to your channel, never bots. YouTube’s terms dictate that promotions are fine, but that all likes and subscribes must come from active accounts owned by real people. You should also consider your engagement rate and account history when deciding how many likes to purchase.
Is it wrong to buy YouTube likes?
While YouTube may not be the biggest fan of this trend, it does not break their terms of use. So, no. It’s not legally or even ethically wrong. With the complexity of the algorithm and the amount of work required to grow your channel from scratch organically, it has become very difficult to build up your channel without utilizing paid resources. Giving yourself a little head start seems only fair, and nobody would judge you for it.
Will I get banned for using a social media growth service?
You only risk being penalized if you break YouTube’s terms, which never does. It’s easy to avoid being punished by YouTube by just playing it safe, and hiring a service that doesn’t use bots. With, only real accounts will like your content.
Can I boost my YouTube channel without paying?
Absolutely, it will just take longer, and may require some very hard work. The truth is that most people who became famous through YouTube have, at some point in their career, paid for a promotional service. Whether that meant buying YouTube likes or Google Ads, it has always been one trick of the trade. If you want to grow your account completely organically, it’s worth investing some time in developing a strong content strategy, and building up your following by engaging in the comments sections.
How do I encourage organic social media growth?
The first step is creating a content strategy that details what, when and where you will be posting. It’s useful to keep all of this information in a content calendar, and you’ll usually get better results if you spend a bit of time thinking about your theme and key design elements. The second step is to create outstanding content that can’t be found elsewhere, something that will get people to watch the video until the end and then come back for more. It’s also vital to become an active member of the YouTube community, which can be done by engaging in the comments sections of your own posts and on others.
What is social proof, and will I get that if I buy YouTube likes?
Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that has trickled into most fields since the term was first coined in 1984 by Robert Cialdini. At the most basic level, it suggests that people like to copy the behavior of others, like the things they like and dislike the things they don’t. It’s an integral part of society, from the paid audience members in a 16th-century theater who would loudly clap every performance up to the high school cliques of the modern day. On YouTube, social proof is relevant because the more likes and views a video has, the more likely other people are to watch it.
Why do’s social media growth services focus on real people? does not want your videos to be deleted, or your channel banned, and therefore take every effort to comply with YouTube’s terms of use. YouTube explicitly condemns the use of bots in promotion, and have been known to strip accounts of their bot subscribers, delete videos with bot engagement and even ban users who repeatedly break the terms. only works with real people and real accounts, to deliver the best results on the market.

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