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Frequently Asked Questions

Does guarantee results?

Yes, we do. When you buy Instagram followers online with you have access to our vast network of real users who are willing to interact and engage with your account and content. We offer complete flexibility too, so you can cancel the service at any time. But with our targeted approach, we’re sure you’ll be coming back for more!

Do you use bots?

Absolutely not! Our Instagram automation is not based on bots. When you buy Instagram views, followers or likes with you get engagement from real and active users and accounts. Our services are all about helping you grow your account and get real results.

Does this service put my account at risk?

We will never put your account in danger. We ensure all our policies comply with Instagram’s policies and your Instagram followers are real and active, meaning each like and view is real. We’ll never ask for your personal details and you never need to worry about being banned from Instagram.

How quickly will I see a difference?

The effect is immediate, in as little as 10 minutes. Our network of real users will rush to your account and start interacting. It’s what makes us the best place to buy Instagram likes, followers, and views.

Does Instagram ban accounts that buy followers?

No, not with us. When you pay for Instagram followers with you get complete peace of mind. All our followers are real and our services are holistic, so Instagram can’t ban your account. There are no rules against social media marketing, which is the service we are offering.

Why is buying likes, followers and views good for my account?

More likes, followers, and views on your account mean you’ll see your engagement soar! It’ll make you look more popular and professional, depending on the account type you’re running. It’s super quick and easy to do and expands your reach so you can influence more people more easily.
When you buy Instagram followers online your content will be viewed by more people, especially as every follow you get from is completely genuine and active. With more likes and views, your engagement will also increase, and all this works together to help your account grow organically in no time at all.
Remember, paying for likes on Instagram doesn’t just give you the opportunity to have a wider audience view your posts, it also increases your chance of landing on the ‘For You’ page where even more people will see your account.

Do you need my password?

No, we will never need your password. Our team takes your security very seriously and we never ask for anything other than your username. It is all we need to get to work and increase your engagement.
If you ever find someone asking for your password after you pay for Instagram followers claiming that they are us, then you should contact us immediately and report the account/email that is asking for it. NEVER give it out as you may be exposed to losing your hard-earned followers, likes, and views.

Why should I buy with

We are the best place to buy Instagram likes, views and followers to increase your reach and engagement and helping you grow organically and increase your influence online. Our system is completely safe, ensuring all of your information is secure as we never ask for more than your user name.
When you pay for Instagram followers, likes or views with us, your reach will grow immediately. No more waiting around, simply exponential growth straight away. And if you have any doubts, our 24/7 customer account team is on hand to help you.
The best thing is that buying from is that you will never get your account banned. The accounts we send your way to like, follow, and view your content are real, active accounts. Guaranteed.

Why is Instagram good for businesses and brands?

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms available. It’s great for businesses as it puts your brand out there and offers an opportunity to promote what you’re selling completely free of charge.
Similarly, when you buy instant Instagram views, followers and likes, you can connect with your customers in an authentic and genuine way.
You can tailor your posts so your personality shines through and your audience gets to see what you really stand for. And best of all, you have the opportunity to reach larger audiences while also being able to see how many people are interacting with you.

How many followers do I need to become an influencer?

Becoming an influencer has become a real dream of many Instagram users due to the fact you can start making money from your posts via affiliate marketing. But, to be an influencer, you need to have a decent following. When you buy Instagram followers online, keep in mind how many followers you may need to reach that next level with your account.
There are a few different types of influencers. First, you have a micro-influencer. These tend to be around everyday people with up to 100,000 followers, but they can be much lower. The trick with these influencers is that they have a very specific niche that marketers will then want to access and be willing to pay for.
Then you have a macro-influencer. These are people who are well known to the world in some way, most likely within one country. A macro influencer has at least 100,000 followers but it can be much more.
Finally, you get mega influencers, who are well-known household names all over the globe. To be a mega influencer, you most likely need to have a following within the millions. For example, Kim Kardashian is one of the most followed mega influencers with over 250 million followers.

Why is engagement important on Instagram?

High engagement is the way you show your audience that you have a desired brand. Customers are more likely to trust a business with a higher amount of followers and likes than one that is just starting out. You can increase this when you buy real active Instagram followers.
Engagement is a sign people want to see more of your content and brings you social proof that your content is liked and approved by others. It expands your reach and presents your account to a wider audience that you may not have been able to get in contact with before. Ultimately, engagement on Instagram is a great way to grow your business by finding new customers and communicating with them.

How else can I build up my Instagram account?

There are many ways you can build up an Instagram account. One of the most popular strategies is by using relevant hashtags under each of your posts.
You also need to consider the quality of your images. High-quality and clear images are more likely to draw a new follower in than blurry or unfocused photos. Also, ensure you engage with other accounts. This is a great way to get noticed as their audience may see your comments and visit your own page.
Combine that with the choice to buy real active instagram followers and invest in likes and views and you have a strong strategy for growing your influence online.

How do I create an Instagram strategy?

No user has the exact same Instagram strategy as another, as it needs to be unique to you or your brand. The one thing that everyone needs to focus on is consistency. This includes maintaining the same language in all of your content, the quality of your images and how often you post, whether it’s bi-weekly or daily.
When you know how you want to present your account to your audience, you can put together a content calendar. This involves creating a month’s worth of posts and have them ready to post. From there, paying for likes on Instagram can help build your Instagram account while you focus on other platforms.

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