How To Use TikTok To Get More Instagram Followers?

Learning how to link Instagram to TikTok is something that can double your social media engagement. As two of the most popular social media platforms, you’ll have a powerful pair of feelers out on the web.
How To Use TikTok To Get More Instagram Followers?

Learning how to link Instagram to TikTok is something that can double your social media engagement. As two of the most popular social media platforms, you’ll have a powerful pair of feelers out on the web.

There are multiple ways to harness the powers of one billion TikTok users and one billion Instagram users in one shot. Both platforms make the process incredibly simple with an internal tool.

What’s more, there are dozens of other ways to drive traffic from TikTok to Instagram for more followers. Let’s explore some of our tested and proven methods that are bound to help.

Does Buying Instagram Followers Help?

Using high-quality services like lets you skip the hassle of using TikTok to gain Instagram followers. This unique platform allows you to purchase likes and follows to help boost your initial engagement rates. Over time, you’ll begin to notice an increase in organic follows as well.

When you buy followers or likes, you’re building an inorganic audience to attract other real users. By establishing this level of authority, you’re boosting the popularity and importance of your page and the content you produce. It’s one of the simplest ways to get started with your internet success.

How to Link Instagram To TikTok

One of the most significant benefits of using TikTok and Instagram is TikTok’s built-in linking tool. All you have to do is connect your profiles to allow your followers to transition from one platform to another.

As an added benefit, the Instagram notification will be placed perfectly at the top of your TikTok page. The three steps to follow when linking your Instagram to TikTok include:

Step 1: Edit Profile

The first thing you’ll need to do is visit your TikTok profile page. Once there, click “Edit Profile,” which will bring you to your linking options. Scroll down to find “Instagram” and tap on the field.

Step 2: Linking Your Accounts

With the “Instagram” field highlighted, simply enter your handle to connect your Instagram account.

Step 3: Test the Link

After your username has been accepted and you’ve accepted the permissions, it’s essential to test the link. Simply check that it directs you to the correct account, and you’re ready to go.

How To Use TikTok To Get More Instagram Followers

Now that you’ve learned how to link Instagram to TikTok, it’s time to explore other engagement options. 

Outside of linking, there are many ways to drive traffic from one platform to the other. Here are some of our favorites:

Teasing Products and Services

There’s nothing that grips the attention of your followers more than teasers. Much like movies, a teaser gives your followers some information about upcoming releases. You can easily tease upcoming products or already offered services to entice more traffic.

On TikTok, you can make videos with sneak peeks of upcoming products, grabbing your audience’s attention. Then, convert the leads by directing them to the link in your bio through the video’s bottom caption. Alternatively, you can add captions directly to the video itself, funneling them to your bio link.

With this trick, you’ll get your audience excited with a visually appealing video and then give them a call to action. They’ll be directed to your Insta product page by clicking your link, where you can then lead them through the sales funnel. Within a few minutes, you can turn a simple view into a loyal customer.

Creating Solution-Ready Content

When customers are looking for companies online, it’s typically to solve a specific problem. Whether they need a new pair of shorts or are looking for muscle relaxation techniques, all users have something in mind. Your job is to give them the solutions they need quickly and easily.

With the attention-grabbing concept of TikTok videos in general, your posts will gather great views. Then, by directing your audience to your Instagram, you can give them more information about your brand. From there, they can contact you about potential products and services.

Highlight Your Instagram on TikTok

By far, the best way to get traffic from TikTok to Instagram is to make your Instagram obvious. One of our favorite ways is to add a link to your Insta on your TikTok bio so that it’s easily clickable. Adding this link will encourage followers to try to find more of your content on other platforms.

Another excellent recommendation is to add your Instagram handle to your post captions. Although it won’t act as a link, users can quickly type your username into Insta if they like your content. Always use a quick and easy-to-read format, such as “Visit @xbakery on Insta for more.”

Create Instagram Exclusive Content

Consistency across your social media platforms is important, as is exclusive content. You’ll surely want your branding to translate from TikTok to Instagram, but unique posts are a significant driving factor.

If you have followers who love your TikTok content, they’ll undoubtedly want more of what you’re offering.

When you post your TikToks, be sure to tease exclusive content on your Instagram profile. Overnight, you’ll find that many of your loyal followers are more likely to visit your other socials. This same process can help bring Instagram followers to TikTok as well.

Promote Giveaways and Events

Social media is an excellent gateway to get more eyes on your hosted giveaways and events. By adding a call-to-action on your TikTok posts, you can drive more traffic to your Instagram giveaways. Not only will this help boost engagement for your posts but also attract more followers.

As a brand, giveaways, and events are fantastic techniques to connect with your audience in a fun way. Also, it gives your followers something in return for their engagement and brand loyalty.

Show Off Your Instagram Content

The art of managing multiple social media profiles is to deliver high-quality content to each platform. Choosing to show your Instagram content on your TikTok helps you effortlessly share to all of your followers using the same post. This process is something that fashion TikTokers use to their advantage quite often.

You can quickly create a TikTok showcasing your most popular Instagram posts. Not only does this repurpose old content, but it can also attract new followers. It’s a great idea to implement a crosspost on both platforms at least once weekly.

Using TikTok To Grow Instagram Followers

After learning how to link Instagram to TikTok using the easy-to-follow steps, it’s time to take advantage of both platforms. With both focusing on visually-driven content, you’d be able to use them interchangeably. It’s a fantastic advantage for brands to drive followers from one platform to another to boost engagement.

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