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Is it safe to buy YouTube views?
Yes, but it is critical not to associate your account with suspicious activity. This means absolutely no bots or fake accounts. Never trust a company who claims to be able to optimize your social media presence through the use of bots. The more likely result would be your account being shut down, or at least your video being removed from the platform.
Even if it’s not dangerous, is paying for views wrong?
No, and in fact, it’s becoming more normal every day. YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, so there is a lot of competition, and many people with more time than you to manipulate the algorithm. If you are studying or working, there aren’t enough hours in the day for you to fully commit to becoming a successful YouTuber. Buying a few views at the beginning just gives you the tiny boost you need to get past the starting line, and nobody would judge you for that.
Can my YouTube channel get banned for using a social media growth service?
Unfortunately, yes, but only if you make poor decisions. If you are considering buying YouTube views, likes, comments or subscribers, then bear in mind that YouTube is known to come down very hard on accounts that use bots for promotion. If your viewership or subscriber list is full of inactive, fake, or bot accounts, then this looks bad, and YouTube won’t hesitate to remove your video or worse, ban your whole channel. That’s why it’s important to work with a company like, that promises to only send over active and authentic accounts.
Can I boost my YouTube channel without paying for views or subscribers?
Of course! But it can be difficult. The important thing to remember here is that YouTube is an incredibly popular platform that has a focus on video content and discussions in the comments. It’s easy to prioritize your videos over your interaction, but if you are hoping to grow your account, then both are necessary. If you don’t engage with other users in the comments section, then it’s hard for people to feel loyal to you or your content. Equally, if you are chatting to everyone constantly but never putting out a single video worth watching, that won’t help either.
How can I achieve organic social media growth?
If you want to focus on building your YouTube presence organically, it will be important to have a well-developed content strategy. Focus on quality, frequency and engagement, and always make sure you are working towards your objective. Even if you are convinced that you would like to grow your social media organically, it might still be worth giving yourself a little head start with some paid views, so be sure to check out what has to offer.
What is social proof, and why does it mean I should buy YouTube views?
Social proof is the idea that people are likely to copy the behavior of others around them, in particular, be influenced by what other people see as valuable. This could be as simple as buying a car from a dealership with an abundance of excellent reviews online, or as nuanced as deciding to pursue a relationship with someone because your friends found them charming. In the context of YouTube, it means that the more likes and views a video has, then the more likely somebody is to watch it.
So, one last time, why do’s YouTube views packages focus on real people?
Because are committed to your success, and they know that it’s hard to get the viewership you want when your video has been deleted and your channel blacklisted. Buying fake views, likes or comments is simply not an option on YouTube, so do everything they can to keep you and your account safe.

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