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Is it safe to buy real YouTube subscribers?
Yes, with ‘real’ being the most important word. The purchase of fake followers and bot accounts can result in bad consequences, including the possibility of losing your entire account. That’s why only works with real and active accounts to give you subscribers. There are other risks too. YouTube’s algorithm pays attention not only to the number of subscribers, but also to the engagement rates. It’s much better to have 500 subscribers who regularly engage with your content than half a million who have never interacted.
Is it wrong to buy YouTube subscribers?
No, not morally, ethically, or legally anyway. YouTube doesn’t like it much, but as long as you are not breaking the terms of service (and does not), there isn’t much to go wrong. YouTube allows promotional services, as long as they are generated by real accounts, and never bots.
Can my YouTube channel get banned for using a social media growth service?
No, as long as you do not use bots. If you fill your subscriber list and viewership with bots and fake profiles, your channel could be penalized or even banned. However, this is easy to avoid. When you use’s services, only genuine subscribers are sent your way, so there’s no risk of this happening.
Can I boost my YouTube channel without paying for views or subscribers?
Of course, and many people do. However, most of the people who become successful on YouTube have paid for promotions at one time or another, whether that be through PPC ads or influencer collaboration. If you are really focused on growing organically, you need to be prepared to dedicate a lot of time to the cause, and have a strong content strategy and YouTube persona.
How can I achieve organic social media growth?
It all starts with a robust content strategy, for which you will want to define your goal, your skills and your limitations. For example, if you know you can only produce one video a week, this should be part of your plan, as should other basic limitations like not being able to post during daytime hours, or skills, such as your amazing video editing skills. Then, focus on making a content calendar that utilizes your time in the most effective way, and ideally, one which allows you to recycle adapted content on your main social media platforms. There are lots more things to consider while making a content strategy, and it’s not always an easy task. Consider paying for some limited services at the start of the journey to save you time later on.
What is social proof, and why does anyone care how many subscribers I have?
Social proof is the concept that people are likely to be influenced by the behavior of those around them, especially when it comes to likes and dislikes, and what they consider valuable. This could be something simple, such as choosing the restaurant with the best reviews, or more nuanced, like changing your political or religious views when you move into a new social environment. For YouTube, it means that if you have more likes, subscribers, and comments, then other users are more likely to choose to watch your content.
Why do’s YouTube services focus on real people? commits to your success, and understands the effort that goes into it. They know that the last thing you want is for your content to get deleted, or your account banned, so they make every effort to prevent that from happening. only works with real, active accounts, and will never change that.

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