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Is paying to boost your TikTok views worth it?
TikTok’s algorithm looks at multiple data points to decide how it will rank your videos. All engagement plays a part, but increasing your TikTok views is an easy way of boosting your engagement automatically, while also convincing other users that your video is worth watching. This is likely to lead to organic growth down the line, so it’s definitely worth it.
Is it safe to buy TikTok views?
It’s always safe to TikTok likes, especially when you buy from Followers and receive views from authentic and active accounts. While TikTok isn’t as strict with bots as some platforms, getting engagement from fake accounts can still reduce the credibility of your account. This may backfire if, like many, you plan to use your TikTok success to become a popular social media influencer.
Is paying social media optimization wrong?
No, it’s an accepted practice, which is only rising in popularity. Most social media platforms use a complicated algorithm to show users content it thinks they would enjoy, and TikTok is no different. While this is great for the casual user, it makes it very hard for a new content creator to rise up the charts. If you don’t have a pre-existing following or multiple hours to spare every day, it can be disheartening at first. Buying the first likes is a great way to skip this painful stage, and it doesn’t hurt anyone.
Is there a way to get more views without paying?
Absolutely! But it’s very hard work, and most people don’t have the time to dedicate to it. If you want to focus on organic social media growth, then the most effective way is to create a solid content strategy, unique to that platform. For this, you should first define your primary goals and long-term objectives, so you have something to check your progress against. Most content strategists will then create a content calendar, research other content creators’ work, make a hashtag strategy, and plan out carefully what each post will focus on. For TikTok, this may also include looking for popular videos that you can do your version of, or even just planning the time to create a hard-hitting and well-edited video.
If I pay for real TikTok views, will it help me monetize my account?
It’s no secret that a large majority of people looking for social media fame are hoping to capitalize on their success by monetizing their account. It should also come as no surprise that, like any dream job, reaching the level of success required to do this is incredibly difficult. Rather than spending years building up a meager following, buying real views and follows at the beginning can help you skip the hard part. As your engagement shoots through the roof, the influencer lifestyle may not look that far away.
Will anybody know that I used a social media marketing agency to increase my TikTok views?
Nobody will find out anything you don’t want them to know. will only send over real, active accounts, so there won’t be any bots or empty profiles to give the game away. That’s why it’s always best to buy followers from respected companies. However, if you are going to purchase views, likes, or followers, it's important to ensure that your content quality matches this newly found popularity. Otherwise other users may find your view counts suspicious.
Is it really that important to buy TikTok views from real accounts?
Yes, unquestionably. While TikTok is known to be less strict than other platforms, if you buy engagement from bots then you are doing yourself no favors. Now only will your account lose credibility, but brands will actively avoid working with social media personas whom they expect to have boosted their account with bots. If you are trying to promote your own services, having an obvious bot following can make you look slightly desperate or unqualified. There are no situations in which paying for engagement from bots is worth it.

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