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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to buy Instagram Live views from you?

Yes! We make sure that you can easily buy the views you need for your video without safety or privacy risks. Our commitment to keeping you safe sets us apart, and that includes what we do with your information. You can trust us to only ask for the most necessary information to get your account with us started. Also, we never sell your information to third parties.

Could I have problems with my account if I buy Instagram views?

Keep in mind, our number one priority is your safety and security, which includes the safety of your account. Your online presence is critical, no matter how you use it. You simply cannot afford to have an account with limited engagement. But you also cannot afford to have problems with the safety and efficacy of your account. That’s why we make sure you don’t. We use only the most ethical methods for securing the views on your videos that you want, giving you the peace of mind, you need to purchase with us. Read our reviews to see what our customers have experienced first-hand by choosing our services. Explore their honest recommendations to learn more about what you can expect when you choose us.

What is the benefit of buying Instagram video views?

Whether you want to improve your business or if you want to become an Instagram influencer, our services are here for you. We can give your videos a boost and get the attention it deserves. While you can get your existing followers to like your posts, along with your friends and family, you will need more. Our services give you the instant increase of views that you need.

Is it actually safe to buy Instagram video views?

This is a reasonable question. After all, you don’t want your account to be closed because you buy Instagram video views. That’s why we make sure that doesn’t happen to you. The reality is, when you use a trusted company like to secure your video views, you can rest easy. We believe in the safety and security of our client’s accounts, that’s why we only use qualified methods of securing those views. By providing you with organic and natural video views, you can be confident that we do our part to keep your account as safe as possible.

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It's been seamless from beginning to end! I've worked with other similar services and have never encountered a better system than at

Sandra Walton
Business Manager


I've been using for well over four months now, and safe to say; they know what they're doing. Way to go, people!

Michael Johnson
Instagram Influencer


The team was excellent. We had a minor hiccup (my mistake) with the targeting instructions. Highly detailed walk-through of what to do.

Mary Wayne
Digital Marketing

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