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Frequently Asked Questions

How does my account benefit from buying Instagram likes?

Instagram likes are so much more than metrics and numbers. They are directly related to Instagram's algorithm and are a key part of your growth strategy. Likes mean reach, the more you have the more people and accounts you can reach, helping you carve out your niche online and build social proof, which shows other accounts you are a trustworthy and interesting account. The more likes you have, the more you’ll build engagement, influence and your brand online. Not to mention, having more likes can help with organic growth. If you’re a business you’re more likely to see your sales increase as more people get to know your brand, what you stand for and begin to identify with it. If you’re reaching more people, then you’re increasing the chance of someone making a purchase or recommending you to a friend. It saves you time and money so you can grow as naturally as possible. It’s why paying for Instagram likes should be at the heart of your strategy.

Is paying for Instagram likes the right option for me?

If you want to boost your growth with real likes from real accounts, then buying Instagram likes is a great strategy. With we connect you with high-quality accounts and you’ll only need to give us your username - we’ll never ask for your password. You’ll start seeing your likes come through immediately and can enjoy seeing your account grow. We've successfully grown thousands of accounts, and we are proud to say that the results we get are hands down the best. We are ready to work with you.

Why should I choose when paying for Instagram likes?

We typically only need your username to get started. Then your account will start getting the likes you have purchased immediately so you can watch your influence grow. Don't worry. We will never request your passwords, any private information, or personal data. We do not need that kind of information and we do not share it with third parties either. You only get likes from real and active accounts instead of bots that can lead to your account being shut down. The likes you buy will always be there and never disappear as long as the real accounts are open. Real accounts mean you have a higher likelihood of growing your brand organically and saves you time and money. All the likes will help you grow your account, increase engagement and allow you to gain more overall followers. We want that paying for Instagram likes to be a great experience for you and your account.

Why is it important to have real likes?

Real likes are vital for an Instagram account because it increases trust between you and your followers. If they notice that many of your likes are from bot accounts, they’ll see your brand as less authentic and it can negatively affect your growth. Similarly, they are much more safe for your account. Likes from active accounts shows Instagram that you have engagement from real people and it prevents the platform from shutting your account down. You’ll never have to worry and you can rest assured that your account is growing organically without any issues. When you look for the best place to buy Instagram likes, will be there for you as we ONLY offer real likes, with no bots and complete security.

Will Instagram block my account for buying likes?

Instagram will not block your account when paying for likes on Instagram with This is because all likes are from real and active accounts. The platform is very strict about purchasing likes from bot accounts, as all they do is increase your like count but they offer nothing else to the social media app. Other websites offer this service and do not provide you with real likes which can get your account blocked or banned. We ensure this never happens so you only get benefits from the likes you purchase from us. We pride ourselves on being a trustworthy resource for Instagram likes without you ever having to worry about the chance of your well-nurtured account being blocked.

What do likes mean for my Instagram page?

Likes are a big factor in building a solid and popular Instagram page. You can have all the followers in the world, but if they aren’t engaging in your content, then your audience will lose trust in your account or brand. The more likes you have, the more your posts look enticing. It can help you end up on the Explore page of the platform and open your account up to more potential followers and a larger audience. It also provides an element of social proof. Where if people see that others are supporting and engaging in your content, they’re more likely to do the same. As a business, this can help you grow your revenue, especially if a large amount of your posts are targeted towards making purchases. Paying for likes on Instagram can help you with all of this.

Which brands get the most likes on Instagram?

Brands that get the most likes on Instagram are those that create compelling content that resonates with their followers. There’s no point having a niche catered towards interior design and then posting cooking videos. You need to stay consistent and post images, stories, and videos that your audience wants to see. This way, you’re more likely to get more likes. Similarly, your content needs to be of a high quality. You don’t see brands that post blurry or zoomed in pictures getting many likes.
These successful brands also focus on ensuring they post regularly. The more you post, the more you build a relationship with your followers and therefore they will provide you with more likes. By finding the best place to buy Instagram likes like, you can get this started and make your brand one with more likes than others.

How can I monetise my Instagram account?

There are many ways you can monetise your Instagram account. One way is to become an influencer. These are accounts with a larger following and who receive a substantial amount of likes for each of their posts. Big brands will pick up on these accounts and ask them to advertise their products or services, offering them a one-off payment or a cut of each sale made from their account. Similarly, if you’re your own brand, you can advertise your own products and services with a clear cut link that your audience can follow. By posting enticing content, your followers are more likely to purchase from you and increase your revenue. A good way to get this started is by paying for likes on Instagram, so brands and customers notice you.

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This is a powerful growth tool for me, provides much faster the results that the same ol same ol way of posting and waiting for likes.

Stokes 2D


Excellent service, excellent seller.

Charmika Wynes


Just like the description, the likes were delivered.

Nouha Hassam


Seamless flow of service, no meandering, you pay and get served fast. I like them, I recommend them.

Gary Threadgill


Well they had me when they said my password wasn’t need lol.

Dominik Dave


It actually works lol.

Marko Karvinen


Once your payment is processed, everything else is pretty much automated. You give them the link and the likes come in and that’s it. So I guess it wouldn’t do out of the expected but I did notice however that after all the likes came in, a couple of other likes came in outside of what I purchased. It is not as though I wouldn’t have ever gotten them without buying these views but I haven’t actually ever gotten these numbers of likes this fast before, so it helps.

Huyen Bui


The service fully corresponds to the description, delivery fast.

Thierry Stewart


5 star service, thanks.

Elga Trejo


As described.

Lori Nadine


Thank you my man, it is good.

Sanjay Singh


As always. Super!!!

Irvin Giles


First set of likes gotten and then 1000 to go, so I am positive. Thanks.

Tony H


All the order not come in yet, I update my feedback when is completed all.

Sanjay Vino


Very nice, my 2nd order already. Repeat buyer here, good job.

BB cosmetics


I don’t know if they are bots or real, I have no way or confirming, all I am able to confirm is they do not vanish after some time, 1000 views is still 1000 views after 2 days, but then I got 23 views extra.

Sanika BTS


Instant supply of all likes ordered. Thank you guys keep it up.

Hydra Zeno


Fantastic.. I love it, thank you.

Daniel Arya


I wish there was a free trial before ordering. The money back guarantee is okay though. I got what I paid for.

Marjana Majeed

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