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Do instant Facebook views help independent business owners?
If you’re a small business owner, it can be hard to decide where to invest your limited marketing budget. Buying Facebook views is highly recommended, if your target audience is on Facebook. Buying Facebook likes now helps you get clients later, by increasing your exposure and putting you on the map.
How many views should I buy if I want to focus on social media and business growth?
While there is no magic number, there are certainly some key things to consider. Factor into your decision the fact that engagement levels are often more believable when they are roughly equal across the board. This means that if you aren’t also investing in likes and comments, then it wouldn’t be wise to buy 10,000 views. On the other hand, if you are regularly getting high levels of interaction on your posts, then buying 200 views will not have the desired impact.
Can I achieve organic social media growth without ever paying for anything?
Of course, and many people do this every day. However, if you really want to grow in a completely organic way, you may find that you are investing a lot more time than you would like. Most people invest in these services because they do not have the time or social media know-how to succeed, so unless you plan to make social media your part-time job, your success may be limited.
Could buying Facebook views be a part of my social media optimization content strategy?
Yes! And it would be a great place to start. Investing in some paid likes, comments or views in the first stages of your content strategy is a good way to get the ball rolling, and could become a vital part of your plan. It means that when your amazing content plan starts to bring you new users organically, they’ll be met with the proof that other people like you!
What’s a content strategy? I just wanted to buy Facebook views!
While lots of businesses do start out without a content strategy, the truth is that the sooner you get one, the quicker you’ll grow. A content strategy is a plan of what, where and when you will publish. A good content strategy will help you streamline your marketing efforts, by recycling content across different channels and analyzing what forms of content are working best for you.
Should any company invest in Facebook views or buying real social media followers, or is it best for newcomers?
Both emerging and established businesses can benefit from investing in some social media publicity, such as buying likes, follows, or views. While the effects may be more obvious for a new company with a limited online presence, many old companies may find that it refreshes their look, and causes a pickup in engagement.
I want to purchase Facebook views, but do I need likes and followers too?
Interesting question! While there is technically no need to invest in all areas at the same time, as discussed above, it can help greatly to keep your engagement level across the board. It makes the interaction look more realistic, which goes a long way. In general, if you have the option to invest in likes, comments, followers and views at a roughly equal rate, it would be recommended to do so.

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