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Is it better for an independent business owner to buy Facebook likes, views or followers?
It’s a complicated question, with an easy answer! In fact, if you have the option, it’s best to invest equally across the three. This is because it’s always best to show balanced levels of engagement, for obvious reasons. Imagine, if a local service page had thousands of followers but no likes, comments or views on their posts, you might assume their customers weren’t happy. Equally, if a page has no followers, and a thousand likes on one post, it might look suspicious.
How many followers should I buy for optimized social media and business growth?
Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer here. The package you choose should reflect your goals for the future, the size of your business, and your current engagement rates. Make sure that you commit to sustainable and realistic looking growth. Otherwise, you might find it harder to aim for organic social media growth in the future.
How can I get Facebook followers without making any financial investment?
If you’re really committed to building up your Facebook account organically, you’ll need time, dedication, and a bit of social media know-how. You’ll want to develop a strategic content plan, and commit to regular updates and engagement. Most people find this hard at first, which is why buying Facebook followers has become so normalized.
Can I buy Facebook followers as part of my content strategy?
Absolutely! In fact, this is the most recommended course of action. Buying social media followers is always more effective when you also put in the effort to grow organically at the same time. It will make your growth look more realistic and stable. Buying followers is a great way to get the ball rolling, but it isn’t the final destination.
Will the Facebook followers increase be obvious to other people?
It can be obvious, but only when you use a company that uses bot accounts of inactive accounts to bring you the followers you paid for. These empty pages with no details or pictures are a dead giveaway, and worse yet, are purged often due to Facebook’s own no-bot policy.
Should any company invest in social media growth services, or is it best for newcomers?
Buying likes, followers, comments, or views can be just as effective for an established business as it is for a young one. Businesses both old and new will see the positive impact, although this may be more obvious for a company with a limited online presence.
Can buying Facebook followers help me with social media optimization?
Definitely, as long as you are also working on your content strategy at the same time. There’s no point investing in boosting your followers if you don’t have the content to convert them to loyal clients later. That’s why it's critical that you don’t simply buy your new followers and consider the hard work over.
Will Facebook mind if I buy real followers?
No! Facebook does not regulate against buying followers at all, although you would still do best to buy real followers that can engage with your posts and boost your exposure. The only thing Facebook will do, is regularly purge their servers of any bot accounts, which is why it’s always best to buy follows from active and genuine accounts.

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